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Mitas Custom Force – Cruiser, touring tyre

Mitas Custom Force - Cruiser, touring tyre

Embark on an unparalleled journey with the Mitas Custom Force, a tyre that redefines expectations for custom and touring motorcycles. This premium tyre is engineered to provide superior handling, comfort, and performance, making every ride a testament to Mitas’ legacy of excellence. The Custom Force features a unique tread pattern designed to offer optimal traction and water dispersion, ensuring safety and stability in a variety of weather conditions.

Its advanced rubber compound maximises tyre life, allowing riders to explore further and with greater confidence. The tyre’s design is not just about performance; it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle, adding an element of sophistication and class. With the Mitas Custom Force, riders can experience the perfect balance of artistry and engineering, propelling them towards unforgettable adventures on the open road.