Tubes & Rim tapes

Motorcycle inner tubes come in a huge variety of different sizes, thicknesses, materials and with different valves. Choose yours and ask for help if needed.

Rim tapes play a crucial role in safeguarding your inner tubes. By providing an extra layer of protection, they shield the inner tube from potential damage, extending its lifespan.

Innertubes and rim tapes:

Tubes & rim tapes 8″Tubes & rim tapes 9″
Tubes & rim tapes 10″Tubes & rim tapes 11″
Tubes & rim tapes 12″Tubes & rim tapes 13″
Tubes & rim tapes 14″Tubes & rim tapes 15″
Tubes & rim tapes 16″Tubes & rim tapes 17″
Tubes & rim tapes 18″Tubes & rim tapes 19″
Tubes & rim tapes 21″

Instructions for ordering inner tubes and rim tapes

TubesRim tapes
This inner tube fits 130/90 17″, 150/70 17″ and 160/60 17″ tires. TR4 = normal valve. This rim tape fits a 17″ rim and it is 38mm wide.

See valve instructions here

TR4 and 34G are standard / common valve models. Markings, for example 41,5G / 86° and 33G / 86° are so-called angle valves.