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Michelin Pilot Road 4 SC – Scooter tyres

Michelin Pilot Road 4 SC - Scooter tyres

Elevate your scooter riding experience with the Michelin Pilot Road 4 SC, a tyre synonymous with durability and adaptability. This premium offering from Michelin is tailored for the dynamic demands of modern scooters, blending advanced technology with robust design to deliver unparalleled performance. The Pilot Road 4 SC features Michelin’s revolutionary XST+ siping technology, which enhances braking efficiency and prevents wear under high stress, ensuring that the tyre performs consistently over time. Its deep tread grooves and unique rubber compounds provide excellent traction and control in both dry and wet conditions, making every ride smooth and enjoyable.

Designed to meet the expectations of the most discerning riders, the Michelin Pilot Road 4 SC stands out as the go-to tyre for those who seek reliability, comfort, and performance in their scooter adventures. Whether commuting daily or exploring new horizons, the Pilot Road 4 SC is your guarantee of a superior riding experience.

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Mitas Custom Force – Cruiser, touring tyre

Mitas Custom Force - Cruiser, touring tyre

Embark on an unparalleled journey with the Mitas Custom Force, a tyre that redefines expectations for custom and touring motorcycles. This premium tyre is engineered to provide superior handling, comfort, and performance, making every ride a testament to Mitas’ legacy of excellence. The Custom Force features a unique tread pattern designed to offer optimal traction and water dispersion, ensuring safety and stability in a variety of weather conditions.

Its advanced rubber compound maximises tyre life, allowing riders to explore further and with greater confidence. The tyre’s design is not just about performance; it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle, adding an element of sophistication and class. With the Mitas Custom Force, riders can experience the perfect balance of artistry and engineering, propelling them towards unforgettable adventures on the open road.

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Bridgestone Adventure A41 tyre

Bridgestone Adventure A41 tyre

Introducing the Bridgestone A41, a revolutionary adventure touring tyre that redefines the boundaries of riding. Designed with the intrepid explorer in mind, the A41 offers unparalleled performance across an array of terrains, from the winding asphalt of country roads to the challenging gravel and mud of off-road trails. This tyre features an advanced tread pattern, meticulously engineered to ensure optimal water evacuation and superior grip in wet conditions, ensuring your ride is safe, stable, and exhilarating.

The Bridgestone A41’s compound is a blend of resilience and flexibility, providing long-lasting wear without compromising on comfort. Whether you’re embarking on a long-distance tour or a short weekend escape, the A41 promises a journey where the only limit is how far you dare to venture.

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Dunlop Trailmax Meridian enduro tyre

Dunlop Trailmax Meridian enduro tyre

Introducing the Dunlop Trailmax Meridian, a tire that redefines the standards for adventure and enduro riding. This tire is a testament to Dunlop’s commitment to providing riders with the freedom to explore the unknown, offering an optimal balance of on-road comfort and off-road capability. Designed with the adventurous spirit in mind, the Trailmax Meridian allows riders to seamlessly transition from asphalt to dirt, unlocking the full potential of their adventure motorcycles.

The Trailmax Meridian stands out for its advanced tread design, which ensures excellent traction on a variety of terrains. The tire’s aggressive pattern is engineered to evacuate mud and water efficiently, providing stable and secure handling in challenging conditions. Dunlop’s innovative Silica-Fortified Compound enhances wet grip, making the Trailmax Meridian a reliable companion in adverse weather.

Durability is a hallmark of the Trailmax Meridian, thanks to Dunlop’s use of high-quality materials and construction techniques that extend the tire’s lifespan, making it a cost-effective choice for riders who rack up significant mileage. The tire’s design also emphasizes rider comfort, with a focus on reducing vibration and noise for a more enjoyable riding experience, regardless of the distance or destination.

For adventurers seeking to conquer diverse landscapes without compromising on performance, the Dunlop Trailmax Meridian offers a perfect synergy of technology, durability, and versatility. It encapsulates Dunlop’s dedication to enhancing the adventure riding experience, making every journey unforgettable.

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Custom tyres – Avon Cobra Chrome

Avon Cobra Chrome ireland

Introducing the Avon Cobra Chrome, a tire that redefines the standards for what riders can expect from their cruising and touring experiences. With its innovative design and cutting-edge technology, the Cobra Chrome caters to the evolving needs of modern motorcyclists, offering a ride that’s as smooth as it is exhilarating. Crafted by Avon Tyres, a company with a storied history of over a century in tire excellence, this tire is a testament to their dedication to rider satisfaction and performance.

The Cobra Chrome’s superior performance is rooted in its advanced material composition and tread design. The tire features a highly durable compound that resists wear and extends tire life, making it an economical choice for long-distance riders. Its distinctive tread pattern not only enhances the bike’s appearance but also improves handling by efficiently channeling water away from the contact patch, reducing the risk of hydroplaning and ensuring a stable ride in wet conditions.

Moreover, the Avon Cobra Chrome incorporates state-of-the-art technology to provide enhanced feedback and a comfortable ride, without sacrificing the thrill of the ride. Its optimized construction ensures a consistent footprint at various speeds, offering improved handling and cornering capabilities.

For riders seeking the ultimate combination of durability, performance, and style, the Avon Cobra Chrome stands as an impeccable choice. It reflects Avon Tyres’ commitment to providing riders with tires that not only meet but exceed their riding expectations, making every journey unforgettable.

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Classic sport tyre – Pirelli Diablo Rosso II

Pirelli Diablo Rosso II mc tyres ireland

Introducing the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II, a testament to Pirelli’s legacy of crafting cutting-edge tires for the discerning motorcyclist. This tire is designed for those who push the boundaries of what’s possible on two wheels, offering exceptional performance in both dry and wet conditions. The Diablo Rosso II is the perfect blend of technology, innovation, and Italian craftsmanship, providing riders with a tire that not only looks the part but performs beyond expectations.

The secret behind the Diablo Rosso II’s impressive performance is its Bi-Compound composition, which cleverly divides the tire into zones with different compounds. This results in a tire that wears evenly over time, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. The softer lateral compounds at the edges of the tire enhance grip at lean, allowing for safer and more exhilarating cornering. Furthermore, the tire’s sophisticated tread design, inspired by Pirelli’s success in Superbike Championships, offers superior water evacuation for confident riding in wet conditions.

Pirelli has also incorporated its Functional Groove Design (FGD) to ensure the Diablo Rosso II adapts dynamically to varying road surfaces and riding conditions, enhancing stability and feedback. This tire is not just about raw performance; it’s about giving riders the confidence to explore the limits of their abilities and their machines.

For those in pursuit of the ultimate riding experience, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II stands as a beacon of performance, safety, and innovation. It represents a perfect choice for riders who demand the very best from their tires, whether they’re carving through mountain passes or dominating the urban jungle.

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Continental TCK 80 mc tyre

Continental TCK 80 mc tyre

The iconic tire for both street and dirt.

Proven and tested for long hauls and competition.
Self-cleaning tread pattern.
High levels of side stability on soft surfaces.
Very good on-road handling and mileage.

Product Range TKC 80: Front: 120/70 B17, 100/90-19, 110/80 B19, 120/70 B19, 2.50/-21, 2.75/-21, 3.00/-21, 80/90 R21, 90/90-21
Rear: 110/80 R18, 120/90-17, 120/90-18, 130/80-17, 140/80-17, 140/80-18, 150/70 B17, 150/70 B18, 170/60 B17, 180/55 B17, 3.25/-18, 3.50/-18, 4.00/-18, 4.10/-18, 5.10/-17

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Mitas Monsum MC-20 Scooter tyre

Mitas Monsum MC-20 Scooter tyres

For the rider not willing to compromise safety and durability whilst riding even in the most extreme weather conditions. MC-20 MONSUM features a “V” shaped M+S tread pattern ideal to channel water, mud and soft snow to ensure better handling and safety. The special soft compound guarantees grip and straight-line stability on challenging road surfaces. MC-20 MONSUM focuses on outstanding performance and extreme durability making it the perfect option for everyday use. MC-20 MONSUM is also available in special versions for wet track racing and in Hard compound version for durability.

  • Designed for the challenges of urban commuting on all paved and un-paved road types and even in the most extreme weather conditions.
  • Special M+S tread design and compound ensure long service life and optimal grip and also available is special versions for racing.
  • Designed for all types of sports and classic scooters.
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Dunlop Qualifier Core – Check the prices!

Dunlop Qualifier Core - Best price!
  • HCT helps the durable tread compound to deliver ample performance
  • Section and mould profiles developed using DFF providing outstanding handling
  • First-gen SportSmart inspired pattern delivers balanced tread stiffness, optimised footprint, even wear and also contributes to efficient wet performance

Dunlop Qualifier Core all prices and sizes: Dunlop Qualifier Core

Dunlop Qualifier Core



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Heidenau K60 Scout mc tyre

Heidenau K60 Scout tyre ireland

German-manufactured dual-sport motorcycle tires, Heidenau K60 Scout, are renowned for their high mileage both on and off the road, as well as their extremely robust construction. This tire is designed for 50/50 multi-purpose usage. The unique center strip provides a stable and straight road performance, while in off-road conditions, the wide spacing between deep treads allows mud, dirt, sand, and gravel to pass freely without turning the tire into a slippery surface. Heidenau K60 Scout is the first choice for dual-sport motorcycle riders worldwide seeking the perfect blend of multi-purpose performance.

Heidenau K60 Scout

120/90 – 17 M/C 64T M+S TT

130/80 – 17 M/C 65T M+S TL

140/80 – 17 M/C 69T M+S TL

150/70 B 17 M/C 69T M+S TL

150/70 B 17 M/C 69T M+S TL Cold Compound

170/60 B 17 M/C 72T M+S TL

4.00 – 18 M/C 64T M+S TT

100/90 – 18 M/C 56H TL

120/80 – 18 M/C 62T TT

140/80 – 18 M/C 70T M+S TT

150/70 B 18 M/C 70T M+S TL

150/70 B 18 M/C 70T M+S TL Cold Compound

110/80 B 19 M/C 59T M+S TL

120/70 B 19 M/C 60T M+S TL

90/90 – 21 M/C 54T M+S TL