Metzeler Cruisetec MU 85 B 16 77H TL (rear)


Tyre: Metzeler Cruisetec MU 85 B 16 77H TL

Axle: Rear tyre

Type of tyre: Tubeless (TL)

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Metzeler Cruisetec MU85 B 16 77H TL (rear)

The ultimate V-Twin tyre to perfect the performance of the V-Twins of yesterday, today and tomorrow. CRUISETEC enhances machine handling thanks to the combination of sport-touring derived profiles and robust carcasses. In a segment dominated by large and heavy motorcycles, the strong structural support still features the conformability of performance-oriented technological solutions.

Dual-compound rear sizes with a high rate of silica promote fast warm-up and chemical grip on wet asphalt whilst the tread pattern design delivers increased mechanical grip. The new compound recipes are coupled with innovative structural elements whilst the combination of liquid polymers with the latest generation of plasticizers maximise footprint conformability.